Auto Accident Lawyers Can Save You Money

Six Ways in Which an Accident Attorney Can Assist You

If you’re involved in
a vehicle collision, you owe it to yourself to speak with a good car crash law firm. two car accident attorneysIf you’re wary of the fee, nearly all auto accident law firms will provide you with a free consultation. In addition, most car crash lawyers work on a contingency payment basis, which means you don’t need to pay them unless of course they collect cash for you and you then pay them a portion of what they collect for you.

Studies show that most car collision attorneys will more than pay for their own fee with the greater settlement deal they get you. They will be aware of the way to press the insurance company to give you an honest settlement which you might not get on your own.

Vehicle accident or accident law can get quite complicated and you need good legal counsel.
Listed here are a lot of the ways an experienced Idaho car wreck lawyer can help you.

Ways an Accident or Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

They can: Assess your vehicle crash claim to ascertain the sum of money that’s fair and really should be paid by the insurance firm for the injuries.

Negotiate the property damage component of your car or truck crash claim, typically without a fee charged.
Release you of a good deal of the stress, inconvenience and paperwork related to processing your car crash claim.
Lay the
foundation for a good settlement and avoid expensive blunders.

Handle complex legal issues such as negligence and proximate cause that are often involved with car accident claims.

Call your medical professionals to obtain your medical information, reports & billing statements and inform medical providers who to bill.

When required, talk to witnesses, get statements from the investigating police officer, and get images of accident scene.

Professionally negotiate a good agreement for you.

File a
lawsuit and present your vehicle crash claim to a jury, when necessary. Applying this leverage with the insurance firm can add to the valuation of your vehicle crash claim. In addition, it relieves you of a lot of the stress and worry of working with other law firms, medical people and insurance firms.

suggested above, most of the time, an effective car wreck lawyer, like the ones at Montgomery Law, will more than pay for their charge by the increased settlement or award they will help you to get.

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No Doubt – Texting While Driving Causes Accidents

Don’t Text and Drive – If You do, You’re   Accident & Injury Lawyers                Inviting an Accident

It should be totally obvious that a person is much more likely to be in a  car accident if they text while driving.  A recent post from CBS NY reported that people are about 20 times more likely to be in an auto accident if they are texting.  Whether or not the statistic is entirely accurate, there is no question that texting while driving a vehicle is a risk. It’s obvious that a driver’s concentration cannot be totally directed at her/his driving while trying to browse or create a text.

I’m astonished at the percentage of people I see text messaging while driving. I have actually witnessed individuals texting while driving with  small children riding in the back seats of a car. How utterly stupid is that and what little disregard for the children this demonstrates. While we absolutely do not condone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, at least a drunk individual can say their judgment has been impaired. What is the excuse for sober people texting while driving?  There is none.

The CBS article went on to cite statistics that 1.6 million traffic accidents are attributed to texting while driving in addition to 11 teen deaths each day. That is completely mind boggling.

 The article described how The New York Institute of Technology utilized a driving simulation to teach young drivers about the perils of texting while driving. The simulation was effective in helping students to realize that anything lower than 100% attention to driving is unsafe. You can read this interesting article in full by clicking on the website link below.

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Accident and Injury Lawyers

Accident and Injury Lawyers – Perspective from a former insurance defense lawyer. Many people injured in a car or truck accident are surprised at how difficult the claim process is.  They wonder why the insurance company doesn’t just pay them what they are asking for and get it done.  They get agitated and cry foul because the insurance company asks for proof of injuries and damages in the form of medical records and financial records.

First, I believe if people understand the motivations of the various parties and how the process works, they will be more likely to get a fair insurance settlement. Insurance companies are businesses that have an obligation to shareholders to earn a profit.  They are held in check by the legal system which requires that they play fair, at least to some degree, when dealing with an injured party.

If the injured party and the insurance company cannot reach an agreement on a settlement, the parties go to court and a judge or jury decides what the injured party should be paid.  Since there is no exact formula or calculator to determine what injuries, including pain and suffering, are worth, a judge or jury decides.

One of the ways an insurance company decides how much to offer to settle a car accident claim is to review what judges or juries in the same general geographic area have awarded in similar cases with similar injuries.  The insurance company also factors in their risk in a case.  If they can go to court and wind up in about the same financial position after a trial, as they would by accepting an offer, why not go to trial.  Who knows, they might get a good verdict and pay out less.

In my many years doing insurance defense work, I found that a majority of accident victims tried to be truthful and upfront.  However, I did find a certain number that fabricated information and embellished their claims.  In other words, they lied.  This obviously makes insurance companies skeptical of all claims, to some degree.  Unfortunately, this practice impacts everyone.

Then there’s another group.  A wise old lawyer once said to me, I believe that most people involved in accidents try to be forthright but many have convinced themselves that all of their problems are related to the accident.  So in their minds, this is true, whether it is the reality or not.  They forget that they had some of the same or similar symptoms before the accident.

And then there are other situations where no one knows for sure.  Doctors have different opinions about what caused the symptoms so everyone is, to some extent, postulating or guessing, without knowing for sure.

The bottom line is that both sides are often acting in a self serving manner.  Since no one knows exactly how much injuries from an accident are worth, the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible to get the case settled.  On the other hand, its human nature for the injured party to press to get as much compensation as possible.  Since insurance companies have experienced lawyers, injured parties need to get an experienced attorney familiar with the process and law.  Insurance companies know an experienced lawyer is much more likely to get a higher award, thus the companies risk factor goes up.  In my experience, a good personal injury attorney will more than pay for any fee they get from a case.

Hopefully, this brief article will help accident and injury victims to better understand the insurance claims process and what drives an insurance settlement.

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